We remain a high-end Asset Protection consultancy based in Central London.


We are relentlessly driven to deliver a service that goes above and beyond.


Our Security operatives deliver with emphasis on guest satisfaction.


Over the years we have made a name for ourselves by being able to maintain discipline in all situations. Our interactions can only be described as warm and hospitable with a focus on customer service. We tailor our services to contribute and compliment your business and the community it serves. We believe and encourage all operatives to be welcoming and friendly at all times as this leaves a good impression.

Our operatives are trained to be an ideal customer liaison in any given setting.
Maintaining a formal and professional image is paramount to us. Ion-Gladius Ltd takes personal accountability in ensuring your events are well managed, safe and value for money. All our events operatives have many years of experience in events and hospitality ensuring the smoothest of security operations. 

Ion-Gladius has solid knowledge in protecting residential and commercial properties. We are discreet and work with your staff to deliver the best on site security. We operate as your eyes and ears whilst conducting vital tasks to protect people and assets. 

We guard your premises against:

  • Unauthorised Access & Occupation
  • Vandalisms & Arson
  • Disorders & Criminal Acts
  • Assaults & Harassments 
  • Injuries & Near-misses 
  • Breaching Site Rules

We are proactive, reassuring and responsive. Protecting our clients reputation is paramount from clearly visible to covert operatives, we draw on many years experience to deliver the right level of service. Our operatives deal swiftly and efficiently with situations from unauthorised entry and security alerts to general unwanted behaviour. 

Ion-Gladius understands the importance of creating the best first impressions to all that comes through the door. Putting guest service at the forefront of every contact is our style. Ion-Gladius remains highly vigilant at all times with a commitment to providing great service.

  • Access Control
  • CCTV Monitoring 
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Awareness
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Authorised Room Checks
  • Daily Occurrence Reporting
  • Key Holding /Alarm Response
  • Loss Prevention /Asset Protection
  • Prevention of Anti-Social Behaviour 
  • Internal /External Perimeter Checks

Ion-Gladius operatives are trained to assist reception and In-house staff with all duties. From front of house, back of house to a customer-focused doorman we provide a full range of hospitality services. Our operatives are skilled at identifying unwanted activities in and around your business. Our tactful approach to disturbances are designed for deterring and containment. 

Luxury Retail security is an area we excel. We are well versed on protecting assets, property and people. Ion-Gladius understands and demonstrates the commercial awareness needed in any given setting. 
Ion-Gladius offers:
  • High-degree of Loss Prevention knowledge & skills
  • P.A.C.E / S.C.O.N.E Compliancy
  • Data Protection Compliancy
  • Clear & Concise Communication /Procedures
  • Quality Management & Implementations 
  • Personal Integrity & Professional Attitude
All our asset protection operatives are Licensed and vetted to BS7858 standards, DBS checked and undergo a comprehensive retail Loss Prevention training program. 

All officers are vetted to BS7858 and are skilled in finding, alerting and taking proper steps to mitigate risks. Our methods are strengthened by regular internal /external auditing sources ensuring corrective and remedial actions are in place. Our processes have proven to reduce crime. 

  • Secure Empty Properties
  • Lock & Unlocking Services
  • Granting Access to Contractors 
  • Manned Security /Mobile Patrol
  •  Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

From empty properties to private homes and lands we ensure your premises are free from all unwanted activities. From squatter prevention, metal theft to fly tipping and vandalism our services are customisable and solely dependent on your requirements. All patrols maintains visual and visibility on your premises. Making deterring any would be intruder more likely. We offers a wide range of Security & Asset Protection services. 

Fully SIA qualified CCTV operatives monitoring your business is advantageous. Whether tracking or tracing, Our standards has been highly instrumental in successful cases involving fraud, criminal damages, thefts and visitors /employee dishonesty.

  • Effective Service
  • Qualified SIA CCTV Operatives
  • Cost Effective 
  • Risk Management

With a solution that emphasises on safeguarding physical and intellectual property, our SIA qualified operators are fully trained, they understand data protection regulations and abide strictly with the latest legislation.   



Ion-Gladius is where vast knowledge and security expertise meets upscale customer care and hospitality. Simply put – We have Security efficiency and high-end guest service in equal measure. With us you never have to venture far for a security solution that is engaging and productive. Our unique approach makes a perfect addition to any operational backdrop for Corporate Functions, Museums, Hotels & Hospitality, Fashion Shows, Front of House, Theatres, Private parties and more. Ion-Gladius are fully insured as any professional organisation should.


"Ion-Gladius efforts to make sure our working together was a memorable one helped. The security team’s combination of tact and professionalism was exactly what we needed."

Catalin Sheperd

- Events Manager

"Ion-Gladius makes the process as low friction as possible. Quick to adapt to last minute requests. Look forward to our next project."

D. Denton

- General Manager

“Been to these events plenty of times, it’s always nice to get a proper welcoming smile. These guys have good knowledge you can see from interactions”

Tracy .B

- Set Designer